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SPEEDSOCKET is an impact Wheel Nut tool for all types of Motorsport. Specially designed for fast and reliable wheel changes without ever having to touch the Wheel Nut.

Whether it be saving precious time in the pits or purely to make your life easier when it comes to changing your wheels.

19mm SPEEDSOCKET uses a 1/2 inch drive with a slim outer diameter measuring at only 27.2mm. This making it suitable for majority of the alloy racing rims, off-road alloy rims and steel rims.

21mm Tool Now Available!


When racing, we understand reliability is critical & lost time is more valuable than money. To deliver a product you can rely on, we take no shortcuts and pride ourselves on being 100% Australian designed, made, owned & assembled.

SPEEDSOCKET was developed & tested by people with collectively over 100 years experience in Machining, Engineering, Heat Treating, Metallurgy & Motorsport.

Machined from high grade billet bar it is then Heat treated, tempered & shot peened before being coated and assembled. All these processes play a big role to avoid failure against the extreme oscillating impact during use. All the while staying light and slim as possible.

320nm load tested at assembly.
600nm constant load certified during prototype testing.
900nm impact resistant.
Tested and proven for electric Impact Drivers.

BRE M12 and 1/2-inch UNF tapered nuts are form rolled and designed to meet FIA regulations. Our wheel nuts are also compatible with any generic socket.


With our patented design you don't have to worry about hand threading your nuts.

This tool is designed to fit wheel nuts with the impact driver being held at full power. The wheel nut will not pull onto the stud until it has secured square alignment. SPEEDSOCKET isn't just a wheel changer. It's a game changer!

No more placing your nuts on the ground in dirt/mud/dust.
Pit crews never again have to juggle hot nuts in their hands or chase down that run-away nut.

Our Nuts.

Our wheel nuts are made from Forged Billet Chromoly. Which is incredibly strong stuff! The Billet is then drilled & the threads are Roll Formed instead of cut. This improves wear resistance and fatigue properties of the nuts. We then use a 10micron thick Cu coating on the nut. Cu has a 3x lower coefficient of friction & acts as a natural lubricant. This helps to eliminate chances of pickup when threading onto the stud. BRE nuts are proudly 100% Australian made & designed. BRE nuts are highly engineered pieces of Motorsport equipment. They’re anything but “just wheel nuts.” They’re built to last & go on fast!

BRE wheel nuts are made from 4140 Billet Chromoly steel. M12 nuts and 1/2-inch UNF are Roll Formed to meet FIA specification.

No Cross Threading.

Gone of the days cross threading your nuts, BRE nuts paired with a Speedsocket make the best combo that cannot be beaten.

100% Australian Designed

Designed by a Motorsport enthusiast. 

100% Australian Manufactured

Made in Adelaide, Australia. 

100% Australian Owned

Owned by Aussies who love to race.


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