SEMA 2022 w/ Tanner Foust

SEMA 2022 w/ Tanner Foust

The TIRESTACKS.com Motorsports Team provided tire changing service & crew service at the OPTIMA Battery activation in the Bronze lot of SEMA.  One of the cars they worked on was none other than Tanner Foust's former Formula Drift V8 Powered Volkswagon Passat Drift car.  The TIRESTACKS team first order of business in removing the rear wheels found a worn-down set of rear lug nuts that would cause the ever so frustration hammering of a 17mm socket on the ground to release the worn out lugs. 

With Tanner's blessing they opted to throw on a SPEEDSOCKET Team Kit. With the lines growing for ride along opportunities with Tanner, the team's decision to use the SPEEDSOCKET Kit added more smiles to the fans during their fun week at SEMA!  

Tanner Foust SEMATanner Foust, Frank Brearley, Chris Forsberg, SEMA, Yokohama, Optima Batteries

Pictured left to right; Chris Forsberg, Frank Brearley, Tanner Foust



Pictured left to right; Frank Brearley, James Migliaccio, Vinicius  Avila, Nicholas Small

Photos by VITAL FOCUS MEDIA - Victoria Gockeler

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