SpeedSocket FAQs

What is SpeedSocket?

When will my order arrive?

Free shipping on all orders within the 48 contigous states. Please contact us if you're located outside of those states and wish to place an order, we'll be glad to assist you!

Order ship via FedEx/UPS ground from Florida and arrive anywhere from 1 to 4 days depending on your state.


Can I use my own Nuts?

No, you must use Speedsocket BRE4140 nuts, if you use other nuts it will damage and jam the tool. You can however use a standard socket on Speedsocket BRE4140 Nuts.

Do I have to start the nut thread before impacting on?

First time yes but after that No, with our patented design there is no risk of cross threading you can just point and shoot. Don’t ask us how because that’s our secret. Let’s just say its magic!

Can I leave my Nuts loaded in the Speedsocket?

Its not advised to leave the Speedsocket loaded for more than 24 Hours, it can damage the pre-load springs and weaken them. If your removing a wheel for an extended period of time it is easy to unload the nuts back onto the studs quickly.

I have Extra long Studs. Will that be ok?

If the Studs stick out further than the Nuts it will grab the next nut ready to be threaded, you will need to cut your longer studs down to size, grab a deburring tool from our store and include it in your order to make life easy! 

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