BRE 4140 Chromoly Wheel Nuts


BRE 4140 Chromoly Wheel Nuts
BRE 4140 Chromoly Wheel Nuts BRE 4140 Chromoly Wheel Nuts BRE 4140 Chromoly Wheel Nuts

Why Choose BRE Cu coated Cr-Mo wheel nuts?

Our wheel nuts are made from Forged Billet Chromoly. Which is incredibly strong stuff!
The Billet is then drilled & the threads are Roll Formed instead of cut. This improves wear resistance and fatigue properties of the nuts. We then use a 10micron thick Cu coating on the nut. Cu has a 3x lower coefficient of friction & acts as a natural lubricant. This helps to eliminate chances of pickup when threading onto the stud. BRE nuts are proudly 100% Australian made & designed. BRE nuts are highly engineered pieces of
Motorsport equipment. They’re anything but “just wheel nuts.” They’re built to last & go on fast!

BRE wheel nuts are made from 4140 Billet Chromoly steel. M12 nuts and 1/2-inch UNF are Roll Formed to meet FIA specification.

Race Car? Do you have longer wheel studs? We now have the Extended BRE Nut option, each nut is counter bored to allow +10mm maximum of wheel stud to protrude from the end of the nut without it picking up the next nut in the Speedsocket. 

Also Sold in packs of 10, 20 & 24 & Copper Coated Packs

Current Threads available;



1/2-inch UNF



M14x1.5 *NEW*

M14x1.5 R14 Radius Taper *NEW*

*Extended nut option not available for 6 stud applications, don’t use Extended variant on standard studs that don’t protrude from the nut as the nuts have -10mm counter bore at the start.*

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